The FPL (Full Page Load) check which is also called Page Speed Test, is a full page load testing service and main goal of the service is to check if your page has broken links and to check the load speed of your site with all content. PingTurk downloads the page you specify with all other resources (including images, css and js files, videos etc.), and reports resources that can not be downloaded. PingTurk FPL, unlike competing platform's FPL services, allows you to define success criteria like: If some of the resources can not be downloaded or if the download takes more than a specific amount of time. After selecting the parameters such as monitoring address and monitoring frequency, you can set up your success criteria. These criteria are;

• Unable to download any resources
• Unable to download any resources
• Failure on downloading a certain number or more of the resources

After selecting the monitoring success criteria, you can select the following alarm criteria to receive alarm notifications when there is an outage or performance degradation that does not meet your defined success criteria. The alarm criteria are as follows:

• Alarm is active
• Notify if measurement is unsuccesful for a number of measurement periods
• Notify when the monitor is successful again
• Refresh alarm at a specific period of time

You can select the users you want to be notified whan an alarm occur, and then decide how you want to receive the notifications. Notification options include;

• Email
• webhook
• slack
• twitter DM
• Push notification (mobile applications)