HEARTBEAT check monitors the health of the applications working on a server which is accessible over the internet, without installing any software /agents. When you create your Heartbeat monitor you are provided with a URL by PingTurk. If you call this URL from within your script or program code, PingTurk will save the last heartbeat time. You can define a 5-minute Heartbeat monitor if your script or program loop, executes every 5 minutes. PingTurk will check every 5th minute to see if the relevant heartbeat URL has been called within the last 5 minutes. If not invoked, alarms can be generated on different types of failed measurements.

You can then receive alarm notifications if the heartbeat URL is not called by selecting the following alarm criteria. The alarm criteria are as follows:

• Alarm is active
• Notify if measurement is unsuccesful for a number of measurement periods
• Notify when the monitor is successful again
• Refresh alarm at a specific period of time

You can select the users you want to be notified whan an alarm occur, and then decide how you want to receive the notifications. Notification options include;

• Email
• webhook
• slack
• twitter DM
• Push notification (mobile applications)